About Us

True Honor sustains an independent culture of integrity by manufacturing lifestyle fashion represented by athletes, artists, & models who “live with honor”.


Mission Statement

True Honor is committed to providing the highest quality lifestyle clothing that suits your artistic, creative, and personal fashion needs. True Honor only uses the finest fabrics and superior washes. Our designers show their dedication to style and take our premium clothing to the next level with intricate artwork, and elegant printing techniques.


About True Honor

Based in Southern California, True Honor Clothing renders itself as action meets fashion in a competitive world where sports and lifestyle become one. True Honor Clothing is not your typical fashion apparel line. True Honor has a message, to “live with honor”, and because of this, the name stands firm in the beliefs of those who wear and identify with the label. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality fashionable clothing that suits your personal and unique lifestyle.


Our Clothing

True Honor clothing is designed and printed in Carlsbad, California. The brand breeds the liking of surfers, riders, action sports athletes, models, MMA fighters, artist and fashion forward individuals. We desire to dominate a culture of our own to back the scene that we have worked extremely hard to design and introduce onto the apparel market.